First x86_64 TalkingArch

The TalkingArch team is pleased to present the latest version of TalkingArch, available from the usual location. This version features all the latest software, including Linux kernel 4.10.6.

The most important feature of this live image is the new x86_64 only compatibility, removing the i686 compatibility that was present in previous images. This makes the latest version much smaller, but it will no longer work on older i686 machines.

This version is the only one that will be listed on the download page, as it always only includes the latest version. However, anyone needing an image that works on i686 may still download the last dual architecture image either via http or BitTorrent, until i686 is completely dropped from the Arch official repositories later this year. The TalkingArch team is also following the latest information on an i686 secondary port, and if there is enough of a need, and if the build process is as straightforward as the x86_64 version currently available, i686 images may be provided once the port is complete and fully working.

First TalkingArch of 2017, and other news

The TalkingArch Iso

The TalkingArch team is proud to present the first TalkingArch iso of 2017. This one is the second to fix a problem with Portaudio that was causing Espeak to crash. It comes with the latest packages, including Linux kernel 4.8.13. Find it in the usual place.

Social Media

TalkingArch is now on Twitter. Follow us, tweet @ us, or even retweet release announcements, which will post there as well as here. All other ways of contacting TalkingArch still work; nothing is going away.

The Fall of i686

There has been significant talk over the past 2 to 3 weeks on the Arch Linux e-mail list about dropping support for the i686. architecture. The upshot of the discussion is that by the end of this year, no further i686 packages will be uploaded to the official repositories. To that end, Arch will most likely be producing only x86_64 isos starting in February, ending the dual architecture builds. Because TalkingArch stays as close to Arch as is possible, if Arch does stop producing dual architecture builds in February, TalkingArch will do the same. However, if an i686 version is needed, as long as packages are still being uploaded to the official repositories, an i686 build of TalkingArch can be made available upon request. That said, it will still be possible for some months to use this dual architecture build to install Arch Linux until such time as they remove i686 packages from the repositories, and that link will continue to work as long as it is usable. Thanks for the support over the years, and we look forward to serving you the latest and greatest TalkingArch for many years to come.

June’s TalkingArch, and Other News

The TalkingArch Release

The TalkingArch team is pleased to bring you the newest TalkingArch release. This version includes version 4.5.4 of the Linux kernel, the ndisc6 package with some IPv6 networking utilities and uefi-tools for booting x86_64 systems with UEFI. Find it in the usual spot.

Torrent Changes

Some users who downloaded Talkingarch using Bittorrent may have noticed that the TalkingArch iso is now being downloaded into a directory, along with its signature files. This is being done for convenience, so that downloading the one torrent file gets everything, rather than forcing users who want to verify the integrity of the iso to go back to the website to download the signatures. This change was introduced with the previous release, but that release wasn’t posted here. In any case, enjoy the new format.

TalkingArch and IPv6

The TalkingArch team is very pleased to announce full IPv6 connectivity for all TalkingArch sites and services. Anyone with IPv6 connectivity will immediately notice the new addresses for the connections they make, including connections to the NetwIRC where the #talkingarch IRC channel resides. TalkingArch has now joined the future of the internet,. Thanks to all who answered questions and made the transition run smoothly. Have a virtual beer, on the house.

TalkingArch has a new home

Thanks to the folks over at Scaleway, TalkingArch, its blog, its torrent tracker and its support e-mail are all now hosted on real ARM hardware in France. This server provides more disk space and processing power than the previous virtualized environment at a lower monthly cost. The transfer speed is also faster, and the connection is unmetered. RAM is the same as on the previous virtual server, although it is dedicated now, so won’t be slowed down by massive Mysql queries that other users on the same host machine may be running. We are looking into the possibility of migrating the git repository to this server as well, as our repository at NotABug has been refusing push requests since February. In spite of the difficulties, a release for the month of April is imminent, so keep checking this space for the April 2016 iso.

Announcing the first TalkingArch iso of 2016

After many broken and failed attempts, the TalkingArch team is please to bring you the latest TalkingArch, which is the first release of 2016. This version includes linux kernel 4.4.1 and all the latest base packages to give you a smooth experience when running and installing TalkingArch on your system. The new release can be found at the usual location.

Just a heads-up, gpg has changed the verification process for signatures. From now on, you should download both linked signature files and verify them individually with a command like
gpg --verify <sig-file> <iso-file>
If one signature is good, both should be, but it’s always good to double check. The download page has been changed to reflect the new verification procedure. As always, have fun with the new release, and do report any problems you find.

Announcing TalkingArch for October 2015

The TalkingArch team is pleased to bring you the latest snapshot of the TalkingArch iso. This dual-architecture image contains all the packages found in the official Arch Linux iso, including Linux kernel 4.2.2. Get your copy in the usual way. Also, if you find any bugs or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. There are many ways to reach a knowledgeable person who can help,. Feel free to use them all. Enjoy the new iso and have lots of fun with it.

September’s TalkingArch is here

The TalkingArch team is pleased to bring you the latest iso. Based on September’s Arch Linux iso, this TalkingArch features all the latest base and rescue packages, along with Linux kernel 4.1.6. Due to the steadily growing size of both the Arch Linux iso and the TalkingArch iso, this will be the first image that is larger than 700MB, which means that it will need to be burned to a DVD or written to flash media such as a USB drive or a memory card. If you need to have an image that you can burn to a DVD, one is available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to contact support to get your slightly older, but still fully functional CD image. As always, have fun with TalkingArch.

July 2015 TalkingArch

The TalkingArch team is happy to announce the availability of the TalkingArch release for July 2015. This release includes Linux Kernel 4.0.7 and all the latest base and rescue packages. Additionally, there is a new release info section on the Download pabe,, which shows the download size, included Linux kernel and the current release date, similar to the Arch Linux download page, which will be updated with each release.

The current TalkingArch iso appears to be the last version smaller than 700MB, which is the capacity of a writable CD. The general concensus so far is to continue building each subsequent release normally with no changes. This will mean that anyone burning to a CD will either need to burn the image to a DVD instead, or to write it to a USB stick, SD card or other similar rewritable media with a capacity of 1GB or more. If there is any strong objection to this release policy, either mention it in the comments, hop into the #talkingarch IRC channel on or send an e-mail to TalkingArch support.

TalkingArch June 2015

It’s been a rocky road, but it’s actually been out for some time. It’s the TalkingArch iso for June 2015. The delay in the posting of the release has been due to a server OS upgrade that took some rather unexpected turns, resulting in breakage of the GNU Social node that hosts the social media timeline for TalkingArch. Although the node is not yet fixed, it is certainly past time to go ahead and post the announcement to the blog, which is still working. This month’s iso includes all the latest software to install a fully working Arch Linux system, including Linux kernel 4.0.4. Get your copy from the usual place. Have fun!

The TalkingArch iso for May 2015 is out, and other news

The release

TalkingArch 2015.05.03 is released. This release brings with it the Linux 4.0.1 kernel, systemd 219 and the alternative text editor vim-minimal, for anyone who has had problems with nano speaking too much. Find it in the usual place.

Git Migration

Due to the upcoming death of Gitorious, where the git repository for the TalkingArch build system has been hosted, we have migrated it to NotABug. This migration has the added benefit of an integrated issue tracker. Feel free to report any problems or make any suggestions related to the build system itself or the inclusion or exclusion of software packages there. The new command to clone the build system is
git clone
Unless you are installing the talkingarch-git package from the AUR, in which case, the package has already been updated with the correct repository.

TalkingArch is now on GNU Social

You may have recently seen a small addition to the TalkingArch website, specifically a contact page. Upon visiting this page, you will see our support e-mail and IRC channel, as well as our newest social networking home @talkingarch. If you have an account on any GNU Social node, you can mention with any questions, comments or suggestions, or you can follow our timeline. It’s a bit like our support e-mail, and a bit like our blog, but even more awesome. Of course, comments here on this blog are also welcome, as we do our best to help you get up and running with the best talking OS on the planet.