July 2012 TalkingArch Snapshot Now Available

The July 2012 TalkingArch snapshot is now posted. Get it from the TalkingArch homepage. If you don’t already know what it is, TalkingArch is a modified version of the Arch Linux install media, customized for blind people. It is more-or-less in sync with the 2012.07.15 official install media, but it has a patched 3.4.6 kernel (see below). If you’ve used TalkingArch in the past, be aware that there have been some changes. These reflect the changes that have been made to the Arch Linux install media. Everyone who is interested in using TalkingArch to do an install should definitely read the associated wiki page.

Note that Speakup is broken with the stock 3.4.x kernel right now. Patches have been sent to LKML, but they haven’t made it into the main tree yet. I patched and rebuilt the kernel package, especially for TalkingArch. If you decide to do an install right now,, I’d advise installing the linux-lts package, rather than the linux package, at least until this issue is resolved.