TalkingArch Basic Installation tutorial is up

TalkingArch now has an audio tutorial page. The first audio tutorial covers a basic installation of the Arch Linux base system using the TalkingArch live CD, from booting the live CD and partitioning the disk up to creating the regular user account and rebooting into the newly installed and fully functional Arch Linux base system. More tutorials will likely be added to this page in the future, and this blog will be updated whenever anything new is added. These audio tutorials are available as HTML5 audio players in browsers that support them, and download links are also available in browsers that are incompatible with HTML5, such as old Firefox versions and text-based browsers such as Lynx. Also, both opus and Ogg Vorbis versions are available, depending on the browser or personal preference.

Ideas for future audio tutorials can be sent to support [at] talkingarch [dot] tk or left in the comments for this post.

2014.02.02 was a false start, trying again

OK, it seems that the pick-a-card recorded message and beep didn’t get built into yesterday’s iso. So we’re trying again. We now have TalkingArch 2014.02.03 up on the download page.

If you already have TalkingArch 2014.02.02 and it’s working for you, do nothing, your iso is fine. Otherwise, if sound is broken or if you need to install to a system that has multiple sound cards, 2014.02.03 will fix your problem, as it includes the sounds necessary to make the pick-a-card script work correctly. All new visitors to the download page will see the 2014.02.03 live CD until the next release, which will follow the next official Arch Linux snapshot.

TalkingArch 2014.02.02 released

The TalkingArch team is pleased to bring you the latest and gratest TalkingArch installation image. The 2014.02.02 iso is in sync with the official Archiso 2014.02.02. Running kernel 3.12.9, this version adds the Clonezilla package for cloning and imaging disks. Also, the recording used to indicate that multiple sound cards are present on the system has been shortened to under 30 seconds, and informs the user that he/she can simply press control+c to stop the recording and just use the first available sound card.

This is the first TalkingArch image built and signed by the new maintainers. It can be found at the download page, and can be downloaded via BitTorrent or http. Feel free to leave comments here in the comment section, by e-mail at support [at] talkingarch [dot] tk or via the #talkingarch channel on Have fun with the new iso.