The new TalkingArch iso is here!

It’s that time again, the beginning of the month, and that means it’s time for a new TalkingArch release. TalkingArch-2014.05.02 is now available from the download page. Since the Linux kernel 3.14.2 became available from the repo very shortly after the official Arch Linux iso for this month was built, we are actually one version ahead of the official Arch iso kernel 3.14.1. Initial testing indicates that this isn’t causing any issues at this time. The other noticeable change is that the brltty-minimal package has been rebuilt and updated to version 5.0. This version of the brltty-minimal package includes bluetooth display support via bluez, which only slightly increased the size of the iso, while offering compatibility with a much wider range of braille devices. A big thank you goes out to Kelly Prescott, who tested and retested the iso builds until we got it right.