The #talkingarch IRC channel is moving

For the past few months, TalkingArch has had an IRC channel called #talkingarch on the Freenode network. This arrangement worked out pretty well, since the network was already set up. However, Kyle was recently invited to try running an IRC server linked with another, and enjoyed the experience so much that a new network was born. You will now find people willing to help with TalkingArch, and Arch Linux in general, on the #talkingarch channel on Please note that this is not the word network, but rather is netwirc, with irc after the w. This is important to be aware of because most speech synthesizers will pronounce both words exactly the same. The new network is still a work in progress, but the #talkingarch channel is up and running, with people willing to help, and a relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere. Feel free to drop in some time and say howdy.

Additionally, beginning on next month’s TalkingArch iso, an irssi configuration will be included that will allow new users to get help from real people just by starting irssi from the live system. It automatically connects to the Netwirc servers and joins the #talkingarch channel, putting its window in focus so that all a new user with a question needs to do is to start irssi and then start typing in the question. We look forward to hearing from new TalkingArch users. Without you, this wouldn’t be a worthwhile project. Thank you.

The June 2014 TalkingArch iso is here

The TalkingArch team is pleased to announce the release of the June 2014 iso. This release includes version 3.14.4 of the linux kernel and all the latest base packages that are included on the official Arch Linux iso. As always, you can download the latest TalkingArch iso from its download page, either via BitTorrent or direct download. Makes a great gift.