October 2014: a new month, a new iso and a new home

The TalkingArch team is pleased to announce the availability of the newest TalkingArch iso for October 2014. This iso includes the latest base packages, including Linux kernel 3.16.3. It can be downloaded via BitTorrent or HTTP from the TalkingArch download page.

In other news, TalkingArch, its torrent tracker and part of its supporting IRC network have been migrated to a larger and faster server for even better performance and a much higher traffic allowance. Thanks in part to a sizeable discount from our new hosting provider ChunkHost, we now have 6 times the traffic allowance, half again the disk space and 4 times the RAM of our previous host, at a lower price than we were paying previously. We hope you enjoy the benefits of the move as much as we do, as we hope to enjoy a long-term relationship with our new provider.