The TalkingArch iso for May 2015 is out, and other news

The release

TalkingArch 2015.05.03 is released. This release brings with it the Linux 4.0.1 kernel, systemd 219 and the alternative text editor vim-minimal, for anyone who has had problems with nano speaking too much. Find it in the usual place.

Git Migration

Due to the upcoming death of Gitorious, where the git repository for the TalkingArch build system has been hosted, we have migrated it to NotABug. This migration has the added benefit of an integrated issue tracker. Feel free to report any problems or make any suggestions related to the build system itself or the inclusion or exclusion of software packages there. The new command to clone the build system is
git clone
Unless you are installing the talkingarch-git package from the AUR, in which case, the package has already been updated with the correct repository.

TalkingArch is now on GNU Social

You may have recently seen a small addition to the TalkingArch website, specifically a contact page. Upon visiting this page, you will see our support e-mail and IRC channel, as well as our newest social networking home @talkingarch. If you have an account on any GNU Social node, you can mention with any questions, comments or suggestions, or you can follow our timeline. It’s a bit like our support e-mail, and a bit like our blog, but even more awesome. Of course, comments here on this blog are also welcome, as we do our best to help you get up and running with the best talking OS on the planet.