July 2015 TalkingArch

The TalkingArch team is happy to announce the availability of the TalkingArch release for July 2015. This release includes Linux Kernel 4.0.7 and all the latest base and rescue packages. Additionally, there is a new release info section on the Download pabe,, which shows the download size, included Linux kernel and the current release date, similar to the Arch Linux download page, which will be updated with each release.

The current TalkingArch iso appears to be the last version smaller than 700MB, which is the capacity of a writable CD. The general concensus so far is to continue building each subsequent release normally with no changes. This will mean that anyone burning to a CD will either need to burn the image to a DVD instead, or to write it to a USB stick, SD card or other similar rewritable media with a capacity of 1GB or more. If there is any strong objection to this release policy, either mention it in the comments, hop into the #talkingarch IRC channel on irc.netwirc.tk or send an e-mail to TalkingArch support.