Announcing the first TalkingArch iso of 2016

After many broken and failed attempts, the TalkingArch team is please to bring you the latest TalkingArch, which is the first release of 2016. This version includes linux kernel 4.4.1 and all the latest base packages to give you a smooth experience when running and installing TalkingArch on your system. The new release can be found at the usual location.

Just a heads-up, gpg has changed the verification process for signatures. From now on, you should download both linked signature files and verify them individually with a command like
gpg --verify <sig-file> <iso-file>
If one signature is good, both should be, but it’s always good to double check. The download page has been changed to reflect the new verification procedure. As always, have fun with the new release, and do report any problems you find.