June’s TalkingArch, and Other News

The TalkingArch Release

The TalkingArch team is pleased to bring you the newest TalkingArch release. This version includes version 4.5.4 of the Linux kernel, the ndisc6 package with some IPv6 networking utilities and uefi-tools for booting x86_64 systems with UEFI. Find it in the usual spot.

Torrent Changes

Some users who downloaded Talkingarch using Bittorrent may have noticed that the TalkingArch iso is now being downloaded into a directory, along with its signature files. This is being done for convenience, so that downloading the one torrent file gets everything, rather than forcing users who want to verify the integrity of the iso to go back to the website to download the signatures. This change was introduced with the previous release, but that release wasn’t posted here. In any case, enjoy the new format.

TalkingArch and IPv6

The TalkingArch team is very pleased to announce full IPv6 connectivity for all TalkingArch sites and services. Anyone with IPv6 connectivity will immediately notice the new addresses for the connections they make, including connections to the NetwIRC where the #talkingarch IRC channel resides. TalkingArch has now joined the future of the internet,. Thanks to all who answered questions and made the transition run smoothly. Have a virtual beer, on the house.