First x86_64 TalkingArch

The TalkingArch team is pleased to present the latest version of TalkingArch, available from the usual location. This version features all the latest software, including Linux kernel 4.10.6.

The most important feature of this live image is the new x86_64 only compatibility, removing the i686 compatibility that was present in previous images. This makes the latest version much smaller, but it will no longer work on older i686 machines.

This version is the only one that will be listed on the download page, as it always only includes the latest version. However, anyone needing an image that works on i686 may still download the last dual architecture image either via http or BitTorrent, until i686 is completely dropped from the Arch official repositories later this year. The TalkingArch team is also following the latest information on an i686 secondary port, and if there is enough of a need, and if the build process is as straightforward as the x86_64 version currently available, i686 images may be provided once the port is complete and fully working.

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