April 2015’s TalkingArch iso is here!

Yeah, it’s about time! Announcing April’s TalkingArch release, although this happened way back on the second. Seems somehow I left the blog neglected and abandoned this month. My apologies. Anyway, this TalkingArch snapshot includes all the latest packages as of the second of April, including Linux Kernel 3.19.2. As always, you will find the current http and BitTorrent downloads in the usual hangout spot. Have fun.

February 2015’s TalkingArch is here

Announcing the February 2015 release of TalkingArch. This version updates the system packages to their latest versions, including the 3.18.4 Linux kernel. The brltty-minimal package that is included with this version is still somewhat older than the latest version of brltty, but this should be fixed in the March release. As usual, you will find the latest release on the TalkingArch download page. Have fun.

First TalkingArch release of 2015

It’s a new year with a new TalkingArch! As usual, we have kept the iso synchronized as closely as possible with the standard Arch Linux iso. This includes all the latest base packages as of the 4th of January, including Linux kernel 3.17.6. As always, the download page has been updated to reflect the latest version of the iso, available via your choice of BitTorrent or HTTP. Have fun.

The ultimate 2014 release of TalkingArch is now live

It took some time to get this one out the door, but here it is, TalkingArch for December 2014, the last of the year. Notable changes include Linux kernel 3.17.4, as well as changes in the boot loader that cause the intel-ucode package to load properly at boot time. This snapshot also includes the latest versions of all base packages as of December 8th, 2014. As always, you will find the current iso on the download page. Have fun, and enjoy the new iso.

October 2014: a new month, a new iso and a new home

The TalkingArch team is pleased to announce the availability of the newest TalkingArch iso for October 2014. This iso includes the latest base packages, including Linux kernel 3.16.3. It can be downloaded via BitTorrent or HTTP from the TalkingArch download page.

In other news, TalkingArch, its torrent tracker and part of its supporting IRC network have been migrated to a larger and faster server for even better performance and a much higher traffic allowance. Thanks in part to a sizeable discount from our new hosting provider ChunkHost, we now have 6 times the traffic allowance, half again the disk space and 4 times the RAM of our previous host, at a lower price than we were paying previously. We hope you enjoy the benefits of the move as much as we do, as we hope to enjoy a long-term relationship with our new provider.

The September 2014 TalkingArch iso is online

The TalkingArch team is very happy to announce the availability of the newest TalkingArch iso, which sports the latest 3.16.1 Linux kernel. It can be dounloaded from the usual place.

This release also brings with it a new BitTorrent tracker, as the public trackers we were using all stopped working for some reason. It took a bit of hacking on an old tracker script, but it is now fully up and running. Hopefully the torrents will always download correctly now, as the tracker is now fully under the control of the server administrator who hosts the isos and the website. Enjoy TalkingArch, and enjoy the better torrent experience.

The TalkingArch August 2014 iso is out

Announcing the TalkingArch iso for august 2014. This month’s snapshot features the Linux kernel 3.15.8, and fixes the problem that was reported last month where the pick-a-card script wasn’t working correctly. Get it now from the usual place. Share and enjoy, and of course, keep those torrents seeding :-).

The latest TalkingArch is out, born on the 4th of July

Hot off the presses for the 4th of July, we are pleased to bring you the latest TalkingArch iso. Rockin’ the latest 3.15.3 Linux kernel and a new irssi configuration that connects new users to live humans ready to help get them set up, this TalkingArch promises to be better than ever.

If you have already installed Arch Linux, you shouldn’t need this iso, as Arch is a rolling release, meaning that as long as you keep your system updated, you always have the latest packages. New users, testers and anyone else who would like to give Arch Linux a try, and who need speech and braille, can get the new iso from the TalkingArch download page, which will always have the latest release. Have fun!

The #talkingarch IRC channel is moving

For the past few months, TalkingArch has had an IRC channel called #talkingarch on the Freenode network. This arrangement worked out pretty well, since the network was already set up. However, Kyle was recently invited to try running an IRC server linked with another, and enjoyed the experience so much that a new network was born. You will now find people willing to help with TalkingArch, and Arch Linux in general, on the #talkingarch channel on irc.netwirc.tk. Please note that this is not the word network, but rather is netwirc, with irc after the w. This is important to be aware of because most speech synthesizers will pronounce both words exactly the same. The new network is still a work in progress, but the #talkingarch channel is up and running, with people willing to help, and a relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere. Feel free to drop in some time and say howdy.

Additionally, beginning on next month’s TalkingArch iso, an irssi configuration will be included that will allow new users to get help from real people just by starting irssi from the live system. It automatically connects to the Netwirc servers and joins the #talkingarch channel, putting its window in focus so that all a new user with a question needs to do is to start irssi and then start typing in the question. We look forward to hearing from new TalkingArch users. Without you, this wouldn’t be a worthwhile project. Thank you.